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I think Dobie is a very goo...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Chha*@*.Com - |Recommended: YesI think Dobie is a very good choice for student housing. With all the amenities the gym, pool, and all the shops in Dobie's mall and the meal plan, there isn't much more I could ask for. There are a few issues, though. There have been roaches in my room, and there was a problem with water leaking from the AC unit. However, maintenance and exterminators did come and those issues seem to have been resolved. The elevators used to stop suddenly and are now covered in graffiti. The printer jams frequently, and there has been a delay in getting the online leasing system set up. These things are not deal breakers, but they do have an impact. Still, the overall experience has been great.
response from property -I am so glad you are enjoying Dobie and its rich amenities package. I am also happy to hear we were able to handle any maintenance concerns you had. We went dark in mid-October to upgrade our online services and Resident Portal to better meet your housing needs. Everything from online payments, work orders, and even renewing is just a CLICK away. These upgrades, unfortunately, are not without growing pains. However, we are providing a more valuable community experience for all of our residents. There are many exciting improvements ahead with Target coming to the Dobie Mall. That's right you heard correctly; TARGET! Dobie Twenty21 now more than ever is your ONE stop shop teaming up with Target to meet the needs of local guests, UT students like YOU, faculty, and surrounding neighborhood residents. At approximately 22,000 square feet, the new Target store will provide a quick-trip shopping experience with a customized assortment, including: A selection of fresh groceries, including grab-and-go items for students on a budget A curated assortment of dorm and apartment essentials Portable technology products and accessories Select men's and women's apparel and accessories Health, personal care, and beauty items Apparel and accessories from the University of Texas Services include Order Pickup and Target Mobile Target will also house a STARBUCKS & CVS Pharmacy within their retail space! Have you renewed your lease yet? If you are one of the first to take advantage of our renewal program and renew by December 31st, you will receive a Target gift card! Imagine taking a short elevator ride and purchasing anything and everything needed to stock your Dobie student space. The wall coverings in the elevators are slated to be replaced in the near future. Thank you for providing valuable feedback.
Good Valuesubmitted by Adam N. - |Recommended: YesThe bad reputation of this place is pretty much irrelevant now. The new management has renovated a whole bunch of stuff and it's pretty competitive with other west campus options. The food is surprisingly decent. I would would definitely put it a step above your typical dorm cafeteria food, but don't expect home cooked restaurant quality. For what you get proximity to UT, food, utilties , the price is competitive. The only real complaint I have is that there aren't rolling chairs in the rooms. It seems trivial, but when you use your desk everyday, having a rolling chair is a godsend. Not to mention that the bottoms of the chairs are slowly scraping up the floor. Other than that, I don't have any big complaints.
response from property -Thank you for sharing this constructive feedback with us. We will share these suggestions with our design team to improve upon our furnishing options moving forward. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to enhance your experience with us.
I think Dobie 21 is a great community with friendly residents and is a great place to stay close to campus.submitted by Zahra L. - |Recommended: YesIf someone were to ask me about my experience at Dobie I would tell them that overall I have enjoyed my stay at Dobie for my first year. I have made some of my best friends here. The distance from campus is another plus and I wouldnt have chose any differently.
response from property -Thank you for your kind review. We hope that you continue to enjoy your time as a member of our community.
I think it's pretty descent. submitted by Camilla G. - |Recommended: YesI'd say it's pretty nice as long as you know how to decorate your apartment. Also I would say the food is not very good.
response from property -Thank you for your constructive feedback. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your experience with us.
Fine for college, not for adults.submitted by Nathanael C. - |Recommended: NoIt's suitable for a younger demographic, but as an older resident I am underwhelmed. The vandalism disappoints me... not the fault of the staff, but I wish something was enforced upon residents who choose to be so disrespectful. Also, the RAs or student staff are hit or miss. I don't want one bad apple to ruin the whole batch, so I will say that some are very kind and helpful and at least show effort when asked for assistance. However, several others are, quite frankly, terrible at their jobs and act like whatever problems are presented are not their problem. I now avoid asking most of them for anything but my deliveries. Also, I've brought up the drastic increase in price for laundry it now costs 8 to complete a load when it was 2 when I moved in and didn't get a good answer for that question either.
response from property -Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that your experience at Dobie has been less than satisfactory and I (Lynn Frazier) am here to help! In regards to the vandalism, our Corporate Design Team is aware of the recent vandalism issues that we have experienced and they are working diligently to come up with a design that is suitable for college students. We understand that it is an eyesore and want to rectify the situation as soon as possible. However, we also want to make sure that we get it right this time! I have already shared this information with our corporate team and we will make sure we execute as soon as we possibly can. In regards to the bad customer service you have experienced with our team, I would like to sit down with you and get specific details on your experience here so that I can educate my team and improve the service our residents are receiving. We have poured our heart and soul into Dobie and if we are falling short, we need to know exactly how so that we can fix the problem and to make sure that moving forward, your experience is enjoyable and stress free. I have forwarded your laundry concerns to CoinMach and am happy to help should you need any further assistance.
Goodsubmitted by Akshath A. - |Recommended: YesIt's conveniently located, and has a good environment.
response from property -Thank you for your review. We hope that you continue to enjoy your time as a member of our community.
I think dobie charges too much for the quality of staysubmitted by Tracy L. - |Recommended: NoIf you are planning to move in here, be prepared for unexpected maintenance problems that reoccur frequently i.e. toilet not flushing, AC breaking down, and water being shut off . Also, expect maintenance requests to be responded to about 3 months later or so. The A C is also not ever cold if you don't have your own A C unit, at best is cool-ish.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. When I researched your work order history, I found two work orders: 8/23 online work order 4 outlets not working repaired on 9/1 9/30 call-in work order toilet clogged repaired the same day While we strive to complete work orders within 24 hours, it is not always possible. For example, following a large number of Dobie residents moving in on the same day, such as your recent move-in on 8/20, it is not uncommon that a work order may take longer. Water interruptions are unfortunate but sometimes required to make necessary repairs that help prevent future interruptions. Do you recall receiving our email to residents on September 19 stating that we received reports that the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system in some areas was not properly regulating the temperature? Our records show that this email notification was opened in your gmail address. In this email, we requested residents to reach out to us if their student space was not cooler by September 26 after we addressed the systems with a 3rd party vendor. We did not hear from you nor have you submitted a work order regarding your HVAC. I have, however, taken the liberty of submitting one for you. Please stay in touch with us and let us know if there is anything else we can do to enhance your experience with us.
Good For the Pricesubmitted by Jose P. - |Recommended: YesIt's a very good first-year experience and it is a good place to live at a good price. There are better place to live but they are all more expensive
response from property -Thank you for your review. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your experience with us.
Good except for maintenancesubmitted by Allen T. - |Recommended: YesEverything about Dobie is pretty good except for the fact that maintenance is essentially nonexistent. I put in two maintenance requests, one for my A C and one for my toilet paper holder, and none got taken care of. The fact that those things were breaking didn't bother me but the fact that it wasn't ever fixed. If they get maintenance taken care of then I honestly think that Dobie isn't such a bad place.
response from property -Thank you for your review. We were happy to follow up with you and confirm that all of your maintenance concerns have been addressed to your satisfaction. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to enhance your experience with us.
Good, but could be bettersubmitted by Caleb A. - |Recommended: YesI think Dobie should listen to its residents before making changes. While a lot of the general things have been upgraded, some things were changed that didn't need to be, and somethings that should have been changed weren't Repetition of the food, amount of light in the rooms, hallway quality... While Dobie is indeed making great strides to better themselves, I think administration should open a suggestion box, instead of knowing whats best
response from property -Great idea! A suggestion box is now located at the RA Desk. We value our residents' opinions and appreciate you reaching out to us Caleb. Our designer has immersed himself in the Austin culture and student living at Dobie. We are installing a large dry erase board in our Tech Center at the request of several residents. There are numerous other amenity upgrades forthcoming as well, again, at the request of our residents. I noticed that you have not relocated to a modernized floor. Additional bright LED lighting has been added to both the units and the breezeways on the modernized floors. Our professionally managed café has made great strides in creating chef inspired dishes that are on a 4-week rotation. Should you have a favorite dish, please submit the recipe to dineoncampus.com. Also, if there is something you love, reach out to Shaun or Tiffany. They are extremely receptive and cater to many of our residents.
Getting Bettersubmitted by Sara T. - |Recommended: YesI liked living here. The construction is was super annoying, but aside from that I've met great people here. NOT a fan of the new floors in renovated rooms.
response from property -Thank you for your constructive feedback. We are always happy to learn how well we are meeting the expectations of our residents and will use this review to help us implement positive community changes moving forward.
It's Got Problemssubmitted by Morgan E. - |Recommended: NoThe new management is trying so hard to make it better, but it isn't doing much. The renovated room' aren't good. The floors are not nice. Polished cement is glossy and don't stain, closer to what the lobby looks like. The bathrooms are gross as ever. I'm not sure they clean it well. Everything else just feels so cold and unwelcoming. The food is awful. They cook too much meaning that it sits out. The staff has no idea what's happening. There hasn't been consistency is who works there so it's hard to get things done. You can hear everything next to you, below you, or above you. It's like everyone is in your room. The laundry machines don't accept payment half the time. You can't get packages outside of a two hour window 5 times a week. So I hope you don't have class or a job. There's some problems. It's like living in a fixer upper without the ability to fix it up.
response from property -Hi Morgan, The urban industrial look that is common throughout Austin is also incorporated in our unit renovations. The concrete floor has been sanded and finished with a flat sealer. The unfinished look is intentional. We love it! I am sorry you don't like the new flooring. We have received an outpouring of positive feedback from our survey and from residents regarding not only the flooring but all of our renovations. We paired the concrete floors with warm pecan cabinet doors, new countertops, sinks, and wood blinds. We upgraded both the electrical and plumbing. Bright LED lighting was added along with new furniture and pillow top mattresses. In an effort to continue renovating the residential tower, we asked residents like yourself to relocate from a non-renovated unit to a renovated unit at no additional cost to you for the spring semester. We appreciate our residents' cooperation as we continue to grow and make Dobie Twenty21 the best edge of campus community. Due to high traffic, the concrete floors in the lobby had to be layered and a high gloss seal applied. Amenity upgrades include a larger Tech Center with all-in-one Macs linked to a new multi-functional printer, gym expansion and added cross-fit equipment, the addition of a 24-hour lounge to both the cafeteria and Rec Center, 4 gaming stations in the game room along with novelty pin ball, an outdoor movie theater, and a charging station outside the elevators. Have you tried the new cafeteria menu? Have you noticed the food labels and specialty food items that omit the major 8 food allergens? What about the dessert bar? We purchased the property in July and our team has been consistent since our purchase. With the exception of adding team members, the team has been the same. Your feedback is very important to us, Morgan, and I thank you for taking the time to share your comments.
Mediocre submitted by Abdullah A. - |Recommended: NoOverall, this place is revamping itself very rapidly, though the residents are the ones who are seeing it get better, not actually living in the better environment, per se. I'm sure next year this place will be better, more on par with the dormitories on Guadalupe. However, as of this year, Dobie seems to be living up to its negative reviews that were written years ago.
response from property -Thank you for your feedback. Since assuming ownership in July, we have already renovated 7 floors with plans to update several amenities such as the cafeteria and residential tower. We are very excited about the upcoming changes and are confident that you will find these improvement projects to be very valuable.
The property is a decent place to live.submitted by Eduardo G. - |Recommended: YesIt's a great place to be when you're done with your day.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with our team. Please let us know if you ever have any suggestions of how we may improve your experience with us. We are always looking for ways to better serve our residents!
Not as great as it seems, receive less than expected. submitted by Veronica C. - |Recommended: NoThe staff does not keep promises and always try to trick residents to give more and more money for no good reason. The food is terrible 90 of the time and they put it away an hour before than is said. Rooms are always cold or hot, we have no control over the temperature. Elevators are constantly not working and have dropped stopped several times while having people inside them. There is always noise, either from your neighbors which shows that the walls are too thin or from construction throughout the building early in the morning and late at night. The tower is always filled with insects rooms are infested with cockroaches. The shower bathroom area is disgusting shower head too low, tub old and slippery, and walls full of fungi. Many of the things promised, such as a floor event every month, have not been met. Overall, for the average price, the quality is not satisfying.
response from property -Thank you for your review. Our plans to transform Dobie Twenty21 encompass an 18-month renovation. Since purchasing the property in July, we have already renovated 7 floors and won't stop until the residential tower, tower amenities, and mall embrace vintage Austin. We appreciate your cooperation as we revive Dobie Twenty21!

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