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In this post, the Dobie Twenty21 Blog has a couple of study tips to help you get through the school year here in Austin, TX. Get an A grade on your next test using these tips. We hope that these tips help you persevere through your next midterm.


Eliminate Distractions

You’ll never get any studying done if you spend all of your time browsing the internet or chatting with friends. Head to the library, turn off your phone, block your favorite social media sites while you’re working, or turn off your internet completely. Do anything you need to do to focus on getting the grade.


Reward Yourself Regularly

While it’s important to focus when you’re studying, it’s also important to remember to plan breaks and reward yourself every half hour or so. You can only focus for so long, so when your motivation runs low, reward yourself with a treat and turn on your phone for five minutes. Just remember to reward yourself in a way that will help you keep your motivation up while you work.


Take Detailed Notes

It’s difficult to study when you don’t know what you’re supposed to be studying. Take detailed notes when you’re in class, keep a notebook of things you’ve noticed in your readings, and make your own outline for each test. The more notes you have, the more prepared you’ll feel for your test.


Study with a Group

Don’t know how to solve that chemistry problem? Someone else in your class probably does. Put together a study group with the people in your class. You’ll be able to share information and notes while you study for your next big midterm.


Power up with Healthy Snacks

Keep your energy high while you study by powering up with healthy snacks. Apple slices, carrots, raisins, grapes, celery, and peanut butter are all great studying snacks. Just remember to keep your stomach happy while you work.


Do you have any study tips for us? Leave us your best tip in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

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