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Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

In this post, the Dobie Twenty21 Blog is featuring destinations, road trip tips, and more to help you get out on the road this summer. Let go of your school stress by taking a road trip or two before summer is over. We hope that you get the chance to get out of Austin, TX sometime this summer. Read More

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Celebrate National Poetry Month

This month the Dobie Twenty21 Blog is featuring several poems and tips on writing your own poetry for National Poetry Month. We are also featuring several activities that we think you’ll enjoy participating in this month! We hope that you get the chance to celebrate National Poetry Month in your apartment or outside of it here in Austin, TX this April. Read More

Pie for Pi Day

Pie for Pi Day

The Dobie Twenty21 Blog has several recipes to help you celebrate Pi Day on March 14th. Celebrate everyone’s favorite math-related holiday with a slice of your favorite pie and a few good friends. We hope that you enjoy our post! Read More


Austin’s Outdoor Oases

Your friends back East may be snowed in, but here in the heart of Texas it’ll be a balmy 70-something degrees this weekend and perfectly sunny. January in Austin has advantages that most cities can’t match, so go forth and explore the Hill Country that’s practically in your backyard. You’ll be surprised how a city as urban as Austin has so much greenery. If you’re ready to get outdoors this weekend, here are the six most surprising outdoor oases right near Dobie. Go forth, and tell your friends back home: “Wish you were here.” Read More


Win $250 With #LoveMyRoom

Prove Your Love For Your Room

We’ve reached the next phase in our ongoing #redefiningdobie quest and our residents are now enjoying their newly renovated rooms! Renovations to our shared spaces, game room, cafeteria, deck and lobby continue and you’ll see progress on those as the spring semester goes along. Read More


Austin Date Ideas

Spring in Austin is a beautiful thing. The Bluebonnets are blooming, you’re feeling refreshed after a long break and you’re reuniting with the friends you made in the fall semester. It’s a perfect storm that renders two well-worn sayings true – “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” If sparks are flying in the new semester and you’re looking for date ideas for the cutie a few floors down, then consider us Cupid! Read More


12 Days of Giveaways & Renew Your Room

Dobie Twenty21 Student Housing Austin

It’s a brisk 77 degrees in Austin, which means that holiday cheer fills the air! Classes are over, so Dobie Twenty21 residents are no doubt buckling down and studying furiously for finals. In order to take some of the stress off and get everybody in the spirit of the season, we’re offering two fabulous expressions of appreciation for all of our residents. First, we’re giving away gobs of goodies during the 12 Days of Giveaways and second, we’re offering everyone an opportunity to experience the magic of #RedefiningDobie with our Renew Your Room plan! Read More

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