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Delicious September Desserts

Delicious September Desserts

Delicious September Desserts

This month the Dobie Twenty21 Blog is featuring five of our favorite fall desserts. Spice up your September with delicious desserts. We hope that you have a fantastic month and that you get the chance to make cupcakes or an apple strudel in your Austin, TX apartment kitchen in September.   Read More

New School Year Tips and Tricks

New School Year Tips and Tricks

Furniture Storage Options to Try

A new school year is coming up, make the most of it by using our tips and tricks. Get the semester started off right by implementing a few new study habits, getting your schedule in order, and dealing preemptively with stress. We hope that you have a successful semester here in Austin, TX. Read More

Study Tips

Study Tips

In this post, the Dobie Twenty21 Blog has a couple of study tips to help you get through the school year here in Austin, TX. Get an A grade on your next test using these tips. We hope that these tips help you persevere through your next midterm. Read More


In The Heart of Campus and the Heart of Austin

The University of Texas is one of the best places in the world to get an education and it just so happens to be located in one of the best cities in the world! No other private Austin dorm gets you closer to campus and to Austin, Texas. Read More


5 Things To Ask During A Dorm Tour

One of the best feelings is stepping into a new apartment and falling head over heels in love. From the modern design to cute kitchenettes, Dobie Twenty21’s private Austin dorms have plenty to fall in love with. However, before your signing the dotted lines there are some important questions you should be asking about the new place. Here are 5 questions to ask the leasing office during your apartment tour so you can weed out any worries and get straight to pinning interior decorating ideas. Read More


Longhorn Friendsgiving Tips from Dobie Twenty21


Friendsgiving, a celebration of the traditional Thanksgiving feast with college friends rather than family, has been a tradition at the University of Texas for ages. The annual UT/A&M Thanksgiving night game used to necessitate that each fanbase spend at least two of their college Thanksgivings on campus. Now that the Aggies have departed east, the Longhorns host a Thanksgiving night game every year – which means more friendsgivings for faithful Texas students. We’ve been friendsgivening since the 70s, so we’ve got some great ideas to help your celebration along. Read More

Don’t Leave Your Dorm: Top Dobie Twenty21 Delivery Apps

We try to help you out by providing you with weekly suggestions for walkable places to spend your time or grab a bite to eat, but sometimes, you just don’t want to leave your room. Luckily, we live in a modern age, and you can get your favorite meals, groceries and other sundries delivered right to you. So whether you’re staying in for an all night study session, or just binge watching something on Netflix, these handy apps will keep you full without losing focus. Read More

Caffe Medici

The Best Coffeeshops Near the University of Texas

Beloved by Honoré de Balzac (who supposedly drank 50 cups a day), Dilbert and that guy in your philosophy class who talks a little too much, coffee becomes a vital part of the college experience for many of us. Read More


Best Places to Get Peace and Quiet on the University of Texas Campus

College isn’t all parties, intramural football games and hijinks with your friends. Sometimes, you just want a quiet place to study and relax. However, even on a campus as large as the 40 Acres, it’s tough to find a spot where people understand the value of silence and solitude. Well, Dobie has been around a long time, and we’ve found a few hidden oases in the noisy desert of the University of Texas campus. Here are four of the best spots at UT to get a little peace and quiet. Read More

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