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Unlock Your Creativity

This month the Dobie Twenty21 is helping you unlock your creativity. Unlocking your creativity can help you in your schoolwork, at your day job, and in your personal life. Find out how to become a more creative person using these useful tips.


Do a few creativity exercises

Entrepreneur has a few intellectual exercises for you to try out this month. One of their tips is to “Re-imagine a familiar situation.” They say this about reimagining: “To think more creatively, consider alternatives to obvious choices. If you assume that a restaurant will buy and prepare the ingredients for your meal, then make a list of other options. Perhaps the customers bring their own ingredients for the chef to prepare, or the restaurant provides ingredients that customers cook at their tables.” This can help stretch your mind in new and usual ways.


Try something new

Want to become more creative? Change the way you think. Try cooking, take an improv class, or attend your first opera to get a new perspective on life. Pick up dancing or DJing and meet people who have different passions and interests than you do. Go to a museum you would never have considered visiting before or read a book on a topic unrelated to your major. Trying something new will help open your mind up to new ideas.


Switch up your everyday routine

Sometimes unlocking your creativity can be as easy as switching up your routine. Question things you’ve always taken for granted or walk a different way to class. Just exposing yourself to something different everyday can shake out your unique, one-of-a-kind thoughts.



If you’re stuck on a project, try some good old-fashioned brainstorming. Come up with ideas on your own and then collaborate in a group. Your okay-ish ideas will be livened by the perspective and insights of others.


How do you come up with your best ideas? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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