Parking Garage

Got Parking?

How close to campus is the Dobie parking garage?

The Dobie parking garage is a hop, skip, and a jump from campus. The Dobie parking garage is in the heart of campus and sandwiched between The UT Tower and the McCombs Graduate School of Business. The parking garage is also a short jaunt to Darrell K. Royal Stadium and the Perry–Castañeda Library.

I live at Dobie. How do I add parking to my lease?

You may add parking by visiting the Dobie Information Desk. Here, you will register your vehicle(s) by completing a Parking Garage Addendum. Your total monthly rent as stated in your lease will be increased by $190 per month for parking. Once you have selected parking, parking may not be removed during your lease term.

I do not live at Dobie. Can I get a parking permit?

Absolutely! You will find a wide variety of parking options by clicking on 

Can I pay for a daily pass?

Yes. The Early Bird is the best value for a daily pass. Park before 9 am and exit the garage by 5 pm to pay only $8 for a daily pass. For more information, visit

Is there a limit for the number of permits I can have?

No. All resident vehicles including motorcycles must be registered with the office and display either a toll tag or a parking permit. Motorcycles must be parked in their own parking space just as a resident vehicle would be parked in its own parking space.

Are there any other important details I should know before parking?

Your toll tag may be programmed for garage access. Parkers without a toll tag must pay a one-time $20 non-refundable fee for a parking permit. The parking permit must be returned at the end of the designated lease term otherwise a $20 fee will be imposed.